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Mollie Bank

The past week I’ve been working with the iDeal API from Mollie. Mollie is a company that give’s us developers an easy way to make iDeal payments through there API, for a small fee.

After a long search I wasn’t able to find a stable, well tested gem, I could use in our Rails project, so I developed the ideal-mollie gem. After I finishing this gem, there was only one problem.

When you want to test a iDeal transaction with the Mollie test bank, you MUST do some routing, so that Mollie can send you a request if the payment was paid or not, to your local machine from the internet. So I made a alternative Mollie test bank you can use for what ever programming language you use for making Mollie iDeal payments without the routing problems.

There’s a gem for that!

I’ve came op with a gem that runs a small Sinatra application that does exactly the same as the Mollie test bank, only it runs on your local machine, which means you can redirect to localhost and more important, it can perform the payment check.

Here you can find the mollie-bank gem, and the source code

Install en run!

To use mollie-bank just install the gem by running

gem install mollie-bank

and then run it


At this point, you can go to http://localhost:4567/ and you’ll see an intro page.

Setup your application

Alright so now you only have to make sure that when you’re developing on your local machine, you don’t make the requests to Mollie but to your locally running Mollie Bank.

To do this you just have to change into http://localhost:4567 in you code.


At this point I’ve only wrote a sample implementation for Ruby on Rails on the Implement into existing modules Wiki page, but soon there will be more examples.