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OSX 10.10 Yosemite - Crashing Chrome

After watching the WWDC I couldn’t wait installing the latest OSX Yosemite because I love cutting edge tech and of course cutting edge software.

However I’ve ended up with a failing Google Chrome browser which I use like always!

The problem

It crashes directly after launching a page! Arghh!

The workaround (read almost fix)

After some googling I stumbled upon a solution where you have to set “Show scroll bars” to “Always”. This seemed to work at first, but still it seems to fail at some sites. However it’s beter than crashing directly.

Goto Settings -> General -> Show scroll bars -> Always

To be continued

As mentioned this fix seems to fail some times. I’ve had some troubles viewing some pull request on github but most of the time it seems to work.

If anybody finds a beter way to fix this please leave a comment :)