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Web Tools - Ruby - jQuery/Javascript - Node - .NET

Web Tools

  1. sidekiq-heroku-redis-calc - Connection and concurrency calculator for hosting Sidekiq on Heroku with Redis to Go.


  1. local-subdomain - Gem that helps you out working with subdomains during development.
  2. genericons-rails - A small gem for putting genericons into the Rails asset pipeline
  3. ideal-mollie - A Ruby implementation for handling Mollie iDeal transactions
  4. mollie-bank - Implementation of the Mollie iDeal bank for testing on your local machine
  5. selectize-rails - A small gem for putting selectize.js into the Rails asset pipeline
  6. bootstrap-switch-rails - A small gem for putting bootstrap-switch into the Rails asset pipeline

jQuery and Javascript

  1. jquery.jsonp_callback - JSONP with additional arguments passed to the callback.
  2. travis-favicon - Show the last build result as a favicon on your page.
  3. yeoman-travis-ci - Example project to show how to integrate Travis CI into a yeoman project
  4. jquery-numeric_input - Blocks all non numeric chars and helps with dot and comma input
  5. jquery-latestTweet - Plugin that fill’s an element with the latest tweet from a user


  1. tinypng - A command-line/module to shrink png images using
  2. realurl - A command-line/module to convert short url’s to the original url.


  1. ContentChanged - Notifies you when the content of a page is changed