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Intro: Start blogging like a hacker(?)

I’ve just decided to switch from Wordpress to Octopress because I wanted something new and not something over-featured

All the plugins and choice’s I had to made, and the maintenance of all these, just kept me from doing what I supposed to do with it, blogging.

So after some googling what a good alternative would be for Wordpress I found Octopress A blogging framework for hackers. Alright +1 for the title

So basically Octopress generates (bakes) HTML content from the Markdown content you write. I like this simplicity and I love the syntax.

Octopress give’s you the functionality to host it on your own server, but also to host it on Heroku or Github. Beside the Git approach (push your source and deploy the generated code to the master branch) you can use RSync to sync files to your server. I use Github to store my source and generated html.

Enough talking about Octopress for now. I’ll hope to post my next post soon.